Naga Traditional Wrapper

Traditional Wrapper of Nagaland. Most of their women use to wear for their regular use. Its very comfortable to wear.

Naga Traditional Wrapper in Red

Traditial wrapper of Nagaland. Wear in the lower part of the body by the mot Naga women. Very comfortable use in regular times.

Rabha Traditional handmade Wrapper

Rabha traditional wrapper for women. Best suit for festive season.

Rabha Traditional Wrapper

Rabha Traditional wrapper is very attractive in design. Very comfortable to wear in the festive season.

Traditional and Handmade Mizo Wrapper for Woman

Traditional and Handmade Mizo Wrapper for fashionable Girls. Best suited for party wear.

Traditional and Handmade Mizo Wrapper for Woman

handmade and Traditional Wrapper from Mizoram, est Suited for party wear,Very Comfortable to wrap.

Traditional Bhutanese Wrapper

Traditional and Comfortable Bhuatnese Wrapper for women.

Traditional Handmade wrapper

Wrapper is a traditional attire of many tribes of North East of Assam. It wrap on the lower part of