A. One order can be cancel by the buyer in following condition:
1) If the product or the item is not perfect .
2) If the customer don’t want to receive the product.
3) If the customer think that the product will not suit for him
4) If the customer think that the cost of the product is higher.
5) If the customer think that the similar product is available at lower cost etc.
In such condition the customer can cancel the order prior dispatch to the logistic partner.

B. We are providing 15 days return policy , so any customer can return the product/ item or the shipment within the time frame based on following conditions.

1. If the item /product is received at damaged condition.
2. If the product is mismatch with the product as ordered.
3. If the color of the product is mismatch.
4. If material of the product id different as described in the product description
5. If the item is damaged or not is good condition .
6. If the product is used product but mentioned as new product in description.
7. If the product having manufacturing defect.
C. If any customer or buyer request for replacement then it will take 10-20 days depending on availability of stock. If the product is available in stock then replacement will be as according to the time frame and if the product is not available in stock then replacement will not occur and the order will be cancel from our end.

D. To return any product the customer have to inform us over mail “ or , moreover the buyer may
contact over phone at 9508159134 / 9854121867 .

E. Return policy will not work for the following conditions:
1. If the buyer want to return beyond the time frame of the return policy.
2. If the product damages at customer end.
3. If the product want to return after it use.
4. If the customer want to return with different item
For these conditions return will not acceptable.


We sell genuine handmade products to the customer with multiple check point.

Moreover we provide secure online payment facilities to customer and we keep confidential any customer
private data.

We provide easy 15 days return policy. Within the period any customer can request for return or refund of
his/her payment.