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Decorative Table in Tea plants woods

Decorative table from tea woods where culture of the tea tribe reflects.

Handmade Assamese Traditional Bamboo Japi

Handmade Assamese Traditional Japi  in bamboo and tree leaf.

Handmade Bamboo Platter for domestic Use

Handmade bamboo Platter for different domestic use. Generally use for cleaning of rice or other materials in home.

Lord Buddha in Sitting Position for home decoration

Lord Buddha Statue for peace and cool mind and to keep the room peaceful.

Lord Buddha Statue In Sitting Position

Lord Buddha Statue for peace of mind , It can be place inside the guest room to give a peaceful environment to the room.

Traditional Assamese Bamboo Japi of Assam

Complete Handmade Traditional  Japi of Assam for Bihu festivals.