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Traditional Bhutanese Wrapper

Traditional and Comfortable Bhuatnese Wrapper for women.

Traditional Chadar Mekhela set in Yellow

Mekhela Chador is a traditional Assamese dress. The bottom portion, Mekhela, is in a form of a wide cylindrical cloth-like

Traditional Handmade Assamese Ornaments Golpota

Handmade Traditional Ornaments of Assam made with Gold and Silver. It very comfortable to wear.

Traditional Handmade wrapper

Wrapper is a traditional attire of many tribes of North East of Assam. It wrap on the lower part of

Traditional Handmade wrapper for women

Handmade and traditional wrapper of Arunachal pradesh, very comfortable to wear. Best suit for festive season.

Traditional Handmade Wrapper for women in Blue color

Traditional and handmade wrapper in blue color for women, washable in machine and hand. Very comfortableto wear.

Traditional Handmade Wrapper in Blue Color

Women traditional wrapper. Completely handmade and very comfortable to wear.